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My journey behind the lens started as a print and runway model in front of the lens.  I modeled several years doing print, runway, stage and commercial work.  Having been blessed to grace the pages of several nationally distributed media publications, picking up a camera of my own and learning to shoot,  came second nature to me.

What I have learned about photography is that I will  forever be a student.  There is so much to learn, to consume, absorb and apply. For  me,  that is what keeps it fresh, never dull, no shoot the same.  Every shoot is a new adventure.  Every finished product is a new opportunity to see someone beam with pride.


I believe I have a natural gift and that is to see the amazing output before the shutter even closes.  I know what the camera lens will capture before it actually does so. I have already framed the image in my mind, before the shutter closes.  Its a kinetic vibe that I so proudly possess and promote.

We live in a highly technical age so there are no limits to the level of creativity that we can instill into the shoot and finished work.  That's truly what makes shooting so passionate and exciting for me.


I look forward to every single shoot, because it is yet another opportunity to create something "great, unique, that will last more than a couple of forevers!

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